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Visit Grodno region visa-free

Foreign nationals may travel to the special tourist and recreational Belarusian park «Augustow Canal» and the areas surrounding to the Canal visa-free.

Foreign nationals can enter Belarus at the checkpoints with Poland: Lesnaya (Rudavka) and Bruzgi (Kuznitsa Belostokskaya), as well as at the checkpoints with Lithuania: Privalka (Shviandubre) and Privalka (Raigardas).

Visa free territories are as follows:

    1) Grodno city,
    2) Sopotskin district,
    3) Gozha district,
    4) Podlabenie district,
    5) Koptevka district,
    6) Odelsk district.

In order to enter the park «Augustow Canal» visa-free a foreign national should possess a document of the set form that is issued by a Belarusian tourist agency.

In order to obtain the abovementioned document a foreign national is required:
 — to address a Belarusian travel agency that is authorized to issue such documents;
 — to receive the document approving a foreign national’s right to enter
the park «Augustow Canal» visa-free.

Before entering Belarus a foreign national is required to obtain a health insurance certificate for staying in Belarus.

A foreign national entering Belarus visa-free is required to present at the Belarus State Border checkpoints the following documents:
 — a valid document that allows to cross the state borders of foreign countries (passport);
 — a document of the set form that is issued by a Belarusian tourist agency
that allows to enter the abovementioned territories visa-free;
 — a health insurance certificate.

Detailed information on the possibility to visit the Belarusian park «Augustow Canal» visa-free may be found here.