Confirmation of Availability of Financial Means for Travelers to Belarus


In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus the representatives of the border control service may require foreign citizens entering Belarus to prove the availability of the financial means that required to cover expenses of the stay in the country.

You are required to have the proof of the availability of the financial means in an amount equivalent to not less than 525 USD for each month of the stay in Belarus.

For journeys to Belarus for less than one month – not less than 26 USD for each day of the stay.

Availability of the financial means can be confirmed by presenting one of the following proofs:

 Belarusian rubles, US dollars, Euros and other currencies in cash*;

– document that allows to obtain financial means (travel checks, securities, etc.);

– document confirming the booking and payment of the hotel;

– letter of guarantee of the inviting person that requests the entry of the foreign citizen to Belarus with the obligation to pay all costs related to the stay and departure of the foreign citizen;

– vehicle or tickets to the home country or the visitor or to the third country.

A credit card designed for the payments abroad can be considered as the proof of the availability of the financial means only if there is a bank account statement that was issued not earlier than 10 days before the day of the arrival to Belarus.

*It is not recommended to present rare currencies as the proof of the availability of the financial means in order to avoid the difficulties during currency exchange operations.

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